Hae was killed by someone else, Jay fingered Adnan to avoid getting tried

Basic Theory

Jay and Adnan did spend the day of Hae's murder together, but neither of them had anything to do with the murder. Instead, they hung around Woodlawn high school and got high before Adnan's track practice, then spent part of the evening together. When the police called Adnan at Jenn's house that evening, they both freaked out, but did not bury the body.

When the police started interrogating possible suspects, Jay believed that his drug-selling activity made him an easy target for someone to pin the murder on, so he told the police that Adnan had committed the murder. The police, eager to have a solid suspect, helped coach Jay through the evidence they had already collected.

Adnan, unaware that the police and Jay were colluding to pin the murder on him, was unable to mount a convincing defense or account of his day. Because Jay used several true elements of the afternoon they had spent together on the day Hae disappeared, Jay's story was believable enough that a jury supported conviction.

Supporting Evidence

Questions / holes in the theory