The Nisha Call



The call log from Adnan’s cell phone shows a call to Nisha at 3.32pm on 13 January. The call duration was recorded as 2 minutes 22 seconds.

Nisha lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. Adnan met her on New Year’s Eve (31 December 1998) and had been calling her regularly since that date.

The call log shows three calls to Nisha on 12 January, including the first call made after the phone had been purchased that day. The call times are 7.33pm, 9.14pm and 11.05pm.

Besides the 3.32pm call on 13 January, the phone was also used to call Nisha at 9.57pm.

Significance of the call

Nisha was a friend of Adnan’s and was not known to Jay.

Adnan claims that he loaned Jay his car and cell phone between approximately 12pm and 5pm and did not see Jay during these times.

All the outgoing calls on the call log between 12pm and 5pm can be accounted for as being made to people known to Jay.

The 3.32pm call to Nisha is the only call made between 12pm and 5pm to a person only Adnan knew.

The call’s significance is based on the possibility that Adnan made the call. If Adnan made the call, it verifies that Adnan and Jay were together at 3.32pm, contradicting Adnan’s claimed timeline.