Timeline of Events

Before Hae's Disappearance

Jan 12, 1999

Adnan places 3 calls to Hae. The first two last only two seconds, while the third lasts 1:24. Don was present at Hae's house, but she writes the number in her diary.

January 13: The Day of Hae's Disappearance

Known Events

Jay and Adnan go to the mall around noon to purchase a gift for Jay's girlfriend.
Hae is killed in a 21 minute window from 2:15 to 2:36. She tells a friend that she had to pick up her cousin and meet Don at the mall.
Asia claims to see Adnan at the Woodlawn Public Library
A call is made from Adnan's phone to Nisha at 3:32.
Adnan is called at 6:24pm by Balitimore County police officer Scott Adcock.
Adnan delivers his father food at their mosque at approximately 8 p.m.

Jay's Version of Events

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After Hae's Disappearance

Feb 1, 1999

Adnan is called by a different police officer, but contradicts his earlier statement, claiming he didn't ask Hae for a ride as he owned his own car.

Feb 9, 1999

Hae's body is discovered in Leakin Park by Mr S

Feb 12, 1999

An anonymous tip leads police to question Adnan
as a suspect in Hae's disappearance.

Feb 18, 1999

Adnan's cell records are subpoenaed.

Feb 28, 1999

Jay is interviewed by police, claims Adnan showed him Hae's body and leads them to Hae's Car. Police arrest Adnan.

Mar 15, 1999

Jay is interviewed a second time by police.

Mar 18, 1999

Jay is interviewed a third time by police.

Apr 13, 1999

Jay is interviewed a fourth time by police.

Sep 7, 1999

Jay signs an plea bargain, pleads guilty to accessory after the fact in the first degree.

Dec 8, 1999

Adnan's first trial begins.

Dec 15, 1999

Adnan's first trial ends in a mistrial.

Jan 10, 2000

The second trial begins.

Feb 25, 2000

Adnan is convicted of first degree murder.

Jun 6, 2000

Adnan is sentenced to life in prison plus thirty years.